What is All on 4 Treatment?

The best in class – The only Minimally invasive solution that offer a fixed full-arch restoration for patient pleasure.

This is a patented implant technique developed back in the 1990´s by a Portuguese surgeon, Dr. Paulo Malo. This technique was later branded by Nobel Biocare, which is one of the leading brands of implants in implant dentistry.

The All on 4, 6 & 8 Solutions are a great advantages to any patient wearing, or considering wearing dentures. The All on 4 Treatment is done by placing 4 implants, with the 2 outermost implants placed at a slanted 45 degree angle allowing the implant can grab onto better bone density, and allow (in many cases) for a immediately loaded denture. Using this implant technique, allows surgeons to avoid vital areas such as the Sinus on the upper jaw, and the Mental foramen on the lower jaw, which would mean more surgery and higher costs.

The All on 4 Procedure is done in one visit, usually under general anesthesia or can be done under IV sedation administered by a certified anesthesiologist. Once the implants are placed, the surgeon will determine if we can load the implant immediately or if a healing denture is required. If the implants are stable enough you will be able leave with a fixed hybrid denture, which is attached to the implants to give maximal support and retention to the denture. In some cases we can also place a plateau bridge of zirconium if there is enough initial support.

The Fixed Hybrid Denture is made with a custom Titanium bar which is milled to the exact dimensions of your implants and connected to your implants. On top of this bar we place high impact acrylic in order for our patients to have maximal functionality, occlusion, stability, esthetic and of course comfort.

The Plateau Bridge is a complete 10-12 unit bridge made of BruxZir Zirconia which is either cemented or screwed into the implants.


  •  Some clinics may offer teeth in a day or a complete smile makeover in just 24 hours. This is not always possible clinically and our main goal will always be the long term success of our patients.
  •  Our clinic likes to plan and evaluate each situation and do not rush our patients in and out of our doors, as there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration from the planning stage to the placement of the final denture. Some factors include initial stability of the implant, patient´s occlusion, bone quality, life style choices, etc.
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