Snap On Dentures In Mexico

Getting permanent dentures, Implant-supported dentures, or Snap in Dentures in Cancun can be a simple process. We offer mini implants and palateless dentures for the best dental prices in Mexico. Read our full page, find out the costs for your full-mouth dental implants, and let us plan your dental vacation.

How Much Do Snap On Dentures Cost In Mexico?

The cost of Snap-On dentures will vary depending on the number of implants you are getting. It is important to consider additional treatments like teeth extractions and dental bone grafts, which will also vary the overall cost of the treatment but will be necessary for the best outcome of the procedure.

We charge a flat fee for your Snap-On at our Cancun Dental clinic. The price of a Snap-On denture is $1,800 and it includes the abutments, implants, and O-Rings.

Snap-On overdentures are an affordable alternative for all people who need a full teeth replacement but can´t afford other implant procedures like the All on 4. However, the lower price doesn’t mean lower quality. Removable overdentures allow us to restore our patients´ smiles without the complications and annoyances of a conventional denture.

Snap On Dentures Cost In Mexico

A Snap on Denture is the best option for your dental restoration in Cancun. This is the overall price of a conventional procedure and what does it include:

Snap On denture with 4 implants:

Surgical Phase

• Placement of 4 Titanium Implants
• Temporary prosthesis after the surgery (Same day teeth )

Restorative Phase

• Placement of the Snap on Denture
• Accessories and adjustments.
*Price varies depending on the patient´s condition*

Best Implant-Supported Snap On Dentures in Mexico

Bar Retained

This option uses a titanium bar fixed onto the dental implants. It is mostly used for edentulous patients in the upper or lower arch.

Top Benefits:
Easy to Snap-on and off
The best level of retention of all options
The most affordable price of all options


This option uses regular implants with locators to create an overdenture removable attachment system. Locators attach to the implants to maintain the denture in place.

Top Benefits:
Easy to Snap on and off
High Durability
Different levels of retention

Ball Abutment

This option commonly uses Mini-implants (MDIs) with ball abutments that attach to O-Rings. Regular implants can be used if the patient requires them.

Top Benefits:
Easy to Snap on and off
MDIs prevent bone grafting
Suited for patients with major bone loss

Why Get Palateless Snap On Dentures In Cancun?

Getting a snap-on denture at our dental clinic in Cancun is the best option for patients from abroad, mainly due to the affordable costs of the treatment. By comparison, all patients who have visited our clinic saved more than $10,000 for this restorative procedure, obtaining the highest quality materials, satisfactory results, and superior dental service than in the United States or Canada. In addition, visiting Cancun is a great advantage, as our patients can make their visit a dental vacation.

Full-mouth dental implants like snap-in dentures are a permanent solution for tooth decay or complete teeth loss. Hundreds of edentulous patients who were looking for a smile reconstruction or wanted to get rid of their traditional overdenture found the best solution with this treatment.

Benefits Of Snap On Dentures

• It doesn’t cover the roof of the mouth, allowing you to taste whatever you want.
• More comfortable and less bulky than regular dentures.
• Remains in place without the need for denture glue or dental resins.
• No rubbing, sores, or rocking within your mouth.
• Rejuvenates the way you look as a whole with a perfect smile.
• Easy for you to clean and remove
• Prevents further loss of your jaw bone.

Snap On Dentures Reviews:
Cancun, Mexico

Our patients qualify our dental clinic as the best dental destination to get Snap-On Dentures in Mexico. Find more Snap-On dentures reviews and testimonials to know why we are one of the leading dental clinics for Dental implants.

Snap In Dentures Mexico
Procedure And Timeframes

Initial Phase:
First Visit: 7-Day Stay

• Free comprehensive dental examination
• Treatment options showcase
• Treatment plan
• Appointments schedule

Surgical Phase:
Part Of First Visit:

• Pre-prosthetic surgery
• Mouth implant placement
• Additional treatments

After 4 To 6 Months:
Second Visit: 10+ Day Stay

• Post-surgery evaluation
• Appointment Schedule
• Final prosthesis placement
• Adjustments and maintenance

F.A.Q For Snap On Dentures In Cancun

Do you cover transportation and accommodation for my dental vacation?

All patients coming to our clinic will be provided with a free shuttle service that will take them from the airport to the clinic, from the clinic to their hotel and vice versa. As for accommodation, our consultants can help you to find a hotel near the clinic for the comfort of your stay.

What is the cost of permanent dentures in Mexico?

Permanent dentures have a wide range of prices depending on the dental clinic, and the type of treatment you are getting. In our dental clinic in Cancun, Snap-On dentures start at 6,000 USD per arch.

Are Snap-On Dentures palateless?

Snap-on Dentures are completely palateless, regardless of the type you choose. This is one of the best advantages of this treatment.

Are Snap-on Dentures the same as implants?

Snap-on Dentures uses implants to get retained in the mouth. The confusion comes from treatments like the All on four implants, which are a type of fixed denture that can´t be removed.

How do Snap-on dentures work?

2 to 6 implants get installed in your mouth. These implants hold your denture in place and allow it to be removed and put back on with ease. This procedure puts less stress on your gums and jawbone, making everything smoother.

How long does it take to get Snap-on dentures in Cancun?

A single week is needed to complete the surgical phase, where the patient gets his or her implants placed as well as a temporary dental prosthesis. After six months, a second visit will be necessary for the patient to get the final Snap-on prosthesis.

What are the Snap-on denture’s pros and cons?

Snap-on Dentures have several advantages: they are affordable, comfortable, and durable, allowing the user to have a natural-looking smile. However, due to the constant Snap-On and off of the prosthesis, some components need to be replaced periodically, as they wear off.

Can I upgrade later on from a Snap-on Denture to another permanent restoration?

Any patient can upgrade their Snap-on denture to an All on 4, for example. It is a common process. However, patients with mini-dental implants must consider that it will be necessary to replace them with traditional implants, as other dental implant-based solutions can´t work with MDIs.

Can I get extractions and dentures at the same time?

Extractions are a common procedure to have before any dental implantation, especially when the patient requires a full-arch dental restoration.

How long do Snap-on Dentures last?

With the proper care, the prosthesis can last up to 10 years. However, part of its maintenance includes the replacement of the attachments that hold the denture.

Do Snap-On Dentures Hurt?

Thanks to sedation before the surgery, the pain gets reduced to the bare minimum. The patient will feel pain for some weeks during the healing process but is bearable, and it will disappear rather quickly.

Are Snap-in and Snap-on Dentures the same?

This treatment has several names like anchored dentures, Clip-in Dentures, Implant-retained dentures, fixed overdentures, but it is all the same treatment.

Can I sleep with Snap-On Dentures?

You can sleep with them because the denture is fixed in place. However, most dentists don’t recommend doing so due to hygiene matters. It is better if you remove the denture, clean it, and snap it on the next day.

What is better, traditional implants or mini-dental implants?

Both options are great for implant-supported overdentures. However, mini-implants only work with Snap-on Dentures as they allow patients to get a fixed denture even with major jawbone deterioration and avoid a bone grafting procedure. Regular implants have the advantage of being more resistant and compatible with every implant-retained.

Are Snap-on Dentures the same as implants?

Snap-on Dentures uses implants to get retained in the mouth.