All on 4 Mexico

All on 4 Mexico – The treatment we offer is minimally invasive for a restoration of fixed full-arch, for our patients satisfaction.


  •   Full-arch rehabilitation with 4 implants – 2 straight anterior implants and 2 implants tilted up to 45°.
  •   Immediate Function – For patients that needs immediate loading of implants.
  •   Graftless procedure – The bone grafting is placed utilizing available bone.


On All on 4 Mexico we provide to our patients a fixed full-arch (a prosthesis with 4 implants) this quickly leads and improved:

  •   Function
  •   Esthetics
  •   Sense
  •   Speech
  •   Self Esteem


You can trust us, in All on 4 Mexico, because we are professional dentists with many years of experience and we provide a dental experience in the best place of Cancun.

We offer an effective and attractive solution for our patients.


All on 4 on Mexico

All On 4 Dental Implants Mexico!

All on 6 Front View Before
All on 6 Front View After

14 Days In Cancun Divided in Two Trips with 6 Months Between Can Save you Close to 20K USD on your All on 4 Procedure. The All on 4 Can be Restored With a Prettau Full Arch Bridge or a Fixed Hybrid

All on 6 Mexico and Snap On Dentures

All on 4 Front View Before
All on 4 Front View After

Depending on the Patients Preference You can Have a Fixed Restoration or a Removable Restoration, Snap On Dentures Treatments Tend to Be Less Expensive Than Fixed restorations

State Of The Art Equipment – Latest Technology on All on 4 Dental Implants

Technology Know a Days are one of the most important factors when choosing an All on 4 Provider in Mexico or Anywhere in the World, The Correct Technologies or Use of these Technologies can make or break a treatment. We have at Cancun Dental Specialists All The necessary equipment, Knowledge, Specialists, Inventory, Materials, Technologies Needed for these Complex Treatments, Marketing on the Internet makes these treatments seem like a walk in the park when most times they are challenging and required a specialized approach for the best out come for these treatments. Our Founder Dr. Irma Gavaldon D.D.S M.S A.E.G.D. has invested over 2 Million USD in Equipment, Training, Facilities, for her and all her staff to provide you the best outcome possible for these treatments.

  •   Patient Illustrated on the Picture Beside Had her All on 4 Treatment For the Upper Maxilla With A Fixed Hybrid Restoration.

  •   We Are The Only Facility in Mexico to have a In-House Cad/Cam Laboratory.

  •   The Upper Fixed Hybrid was done with a custom Cad/Cam Titanium Milled Bar, These Bars are Made in-house and Have a very complicated Design and manufacturing process.

  •   Most Other Facilities in Mexico and Even in U.S Or Canada, Still are Doing Wrap Around Designs. We can Manufacture All Types of Titanium Bars or Prettau Fixed restorations for you All on 4, All on 5, All on 6, Implant Supported Treatments.

Other Providers

Implant Supported Dentures – Benefits of Coming to Mexico

Best Dental Clinic in Mexico

Cancun Dental Specialists by Ocean Dental Has Been Rated Top Dental Clinic in Mexico for 3 Consecutive Years. Treating over 500 All on 4 Cases in the Last 3 Years, Restored and Placed over 5000 Dental implants. Founded By Dr. Irma Gavaldon D.D.S M.S A.E.G.D. After Moving back from practising dentistry in Michigan. Dr. Gavaldon moved to Mexico to be able to provide affordable dental care to Americans and Canadians and To Start her dental Foundation (Dr. Irma Gavaldon Foundation) Helping Many People Get the care they need. Here is a picture of our reception on a regular day, Most of our patients around 90% of them are foreigners from All over the world getting dental treatments, from simple cleanings to Full Mouth Reconstructions.

Dental Clinic in Mexico

SOTA Dental – Our State Of The Art Dental Facility is one of the greatest benefits the Dental Tourism Patient receives when choosing our clinic. We were the first Dental Clinic back in 2008 To Start with CAD/CAM Technology know we are the leaders in Mexico in Clinical and Laboratory Workmanship. These investments provided by CDS Group are critical to the well being of the patient,Dental Lasers,Digital X-rays, Digital dentistry, Photography, 3D Xrays, Are just some of the equipment we have.
We are the Best Dental Clinic with Most Advanced Technology in Mexico. Click here to see more information about our Dental Technology.

Benefits of Dental Tourism in Mexico

We Don’t only Provide a Excellent Dental Experience, We also will provide you with Free Transportation, Personal Concierge When you are in Mexico, Treatment Coordinator. We pick you up directly from the Airport and Take you to your hotel and all Appointments necessary.

We believe the little things make the difference, come meet us and find out other benefits you have choosing Cancun Dental Specialist as your Top Dental Facility in Mexico.

Our professional dental team in Mexico

Dental Tourism and Complex Treatments under the right hands and management provide outstanding results, Best Dentists in Cancun for Dental Implant Treatments at the best cost in town.

This is an average price comparison of different countries many factors apply into the pricing on one of these treatments, like the implants used, restoration manufactured, form of manufacturing, guarantees, bone grafting, etc…
$10,800USD per Arch
$14,000 USD per Arch
U.S.A Flag Small Circle
$25,000USD per Arch
Canadian Flag Small Circle
$30,000CAD per Arch

Am I a candidate?

Thanks To 3d Imaging and Surgical Planning 95% of patient that contact us are candidates !

In order for us to accurately determine if you are a candidate for an All on 4 Treatment or if it’s the best option from you, we will need the following information:

  •   Picture of your Mouth
  •   3D X-ray
  •   Panoramic X-ray
  •   Treatment Plan

If you don’t have any of these, please contact us and give us a detailed explanation of your case. In the worst case scenario that you are not a candidate we are one of the only facilities in Mexico that offer Zygomatic Implants as a solution.

Call us at 1 800 278 3215
for further questions or booking an appointment.

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