All On 4 Before & Afters

All cases are Real Patients that traveled to Cancun for their treatments. We are one of the only certified facilities to preform this treatment in Mexico. Get great results at a fraction of the costs, please go through our before and after galleries. Not all treatments are All on 4, there are other options as-well, we will help you choose what is best for you. We will love to be your dentist in Mexico in the near future!

Long Term Temporary Bridges

Treatment:   All on 6 Patient, Non-Invasive Surgical Phase First Trip, Second Trip 12 Day Stay in Cancun Upper and Lower Zirconium SuperStructures.

Old Crowns, Old Root Canals, Decayed Teeth

Treatment Process:  This is the All on Four before and after picture, after the first phase of the treatment. Where patient is sent home with temporaries, While the implants are Osseo-Integrating.

I want to show a big white Smile!

Solution:  Zirconium Restoration and All on 6 on upper jaw. Quoted over 80K for same treatment back home.

Temporary work, not happy with Dentist back home

Solution: Coming to Mexico, Saving 70% or more, All on 4 Dental Implants Before and After, with Zirconium Porcelain restoration as a final Restoration.

I’ll fitted Dentures, dark shade, no ridge for support

Solution: Snap on Dentures uppers and lowers, with whiter teeth. Saved 50% of treatment Plan Canada.

45 Years with Dentures no Bone Left for traditional All on 4

Solution:  Zygomatic Implants for the upper Maxilla traditional All on 4 for the lower jaw.

Advanced Periodontal Disease, Failed Periodontal Treatment and Restorations

Treatment and Savings  All on 6, upper and lower with Fixed Hybrid Dentures with Cad/Cam Milled Titanium Bar, Average price U.S.A. Around $40K-60K, Patient Paid a Total of $22K and upgraded to All on 6 instead of All on 4.

Missing Teeth, Collapsed Bite, Mobility on All upper Teeth

Solution:  All on 4 Before and After on top and removable Denture on the bottom, while Implants on lower anterior area Osseo-integrate.

Severely Atrophied Maxilla, Bicon Implants with Snap on Dentures were used

Solution:  Not all cases are ideal for All on 4, in this case we used Bicon Implants and a Snap on Denture for the upper. Patient preferred being able to take out denture and clean it and didn’t want anything fixed.

All on 4 Before and After Case

Facts:  Teeth are everything! Stop thinking about it and contact us to help you on your dental tourism vacation.

Occlusion Problems, and Failed Restorations

Solution:  Full Mouth Restoration, correcting vertical dimension, Implants, Bridges and Crowns, Savings of around 25K USD.

Before and After patient in Mexico!

Solution:  Please watch video testimonial so you can hear first hand how your experience will be in Mexico.

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