All on 4 Steps and Treatment Concept

Know Treatment Process Step by Step

All on 4 Treatment Process in Mexico Cancun

1. Consultation with our Dental Specialists

You will be fully evaluated by our specialists with the latest in dental technology. Any patients requiring surgical procedures will have a 3D x-ray taken and their implants surgically planned, reducing risks and complications with your treatment.

  • Oral and systemic health assessment
  • Facial esthetic evaluation
  • X-Rays, Panoramic, 3D CBCT Scan (must for these Treatment all equipment In-House)
  • Wax-up (important for a aesthetic outcome for your Implant Treatment)
  • Informed consent (copy located at the bottom of page)
  • Treatment Options (Restoration Materials, Implants)
  • Treatment Alternatives (savings your Teeth?, Snap On Dentures, All on 6)

2. Preoperative Planning for Best Outcome

  • Our Specialists always plan these cases with the most advanced Implant Planning Softwares
  • Instruction and motivation on maintaining a proper oral hygiene (antibacterial mouthwash, such as Chlorhexidine 0.12%, is recommended)
  • Record of maxillomandibular relations and occlusion
  • Impression used for fabricating the provisional prosthesis
  • Surgical template (guide) 3-D Printed in-office
  • Medication – antibiotics (amoxicillin with clavulanic acid, administered for 5-7 days, starting 1 hour prior to surgical intervention) and sometimes sedatives
  • Informed consent (copy located at the bottom of page)
  • Treatment Options (Restoration Materials, Implants)
  • Treatment Alternatives (savings your Teeth?, Snap On Dentures, All on 6)

Our specialists analyze every detail of your dental work, to obtain more accurate results.

3. Anaesthesia Option for No Pain Dentistry

  • Local anaesthesia is always required – No Cost
  • Conscious Sedation is recommended for these procedures – Certified Anesthesiologist $500 USD
  • Pill Sedation – No Cost
  • Nitrous Oxide (laughing Gas) $250 USD
  •  Choose what option is best for you

3. Preposthetic Surgery

Regardless of your situation we will be able to offer you a solution. Dr. Omar Lugo, our maxillofacial surgeon is one of 2 certified surgeons to be able to provide zygomatic implants in Mexico. With top of the line implants such as Straumann and Noble Biocare, your implant success rates are much higher.

  • Teeth extraction, bone leveling (Aveloplasty), removal of infected tissue
  • Alveolectomy, when ridge crest is displayed during smiling
  • Bone grafting procedures

– Implant Placement

  • Implant number, position and design (diameter, length)
  • Usually, first the mesial implants are placed and last the distal implants
  • All on 4, All on 5, All on 6, All on 8
  • Exposure of implant site – flap or flapless technique

– Additional surgical procedures

  • Bone grafting (socket grafting, with autograft and synthetic alternatives, with or without membrane)
  • Suture

4. Interim Prosthesis

With our in house laboratory, healing dentures will be made and provided for you within hours. Any adjustments before returning home are as easy as coming in to the office for a simple realignment, making your Osseo Integration period much more comfortable.

  • Abutments selection (angulation)
  • Impression and record of maxillomandibular relationship
  • Design – dental arch length (number of teeth, usually 12 per Arch)
  • Materials – Acrylic or PMMA
Provisional Wax Snap on denture

5. Postoperative Instructions

Osseo Integration (4 – 6- months)

During this period you will let your implants integrate with your bone giving them the firmness needed to place your final denture. A patient care representative will be in contact with you to follow your healing progress and address any questions and concerns you may have about your specific case.

  • Radiological exam
  • Instructions for oral hygiene, diet (soft diet, for at least 10 weeks) and medication (antibiotics, analgesic drugs)
  • Informing about the need to make an appointment if bleeding, pain, implant mobility, detachment or damage of the prosthesis occur
  • Establishing the next appointment

6. Uncover Implants / Take Impresssions

You have now returned to the clinic to have your final denture made and fitted! Once again you will be evaluated and have x-rays taken. Your implant will be uncovered with a s .oft tissue laser to, then your impressions will be taken for your denture to be made.

7. Send Impressionsn to Lab for Design & Milling on CAD/CAM

Your Fixed Hybrid denture will be manufactured by our own Lab Technicians using CAD/CAM technology. This technology allows us to create a restoration with perfectly sealed margins and maximal load distribution, for a long lasting and highly functional fixed denture.

Our Dental Laboratory have the most advanced equipment in order to provide HIGH QUIALITY dental treatments to patient coming from abroad

8. Definitive Prosthesis

Fit Titanium Bar (Tryon)

Your titanium bar will be fitted over the implants to assure that the seal is perfect. Preventing future filtration of bacteria, or fractures to the structure.

Fit with Acrylic teeth

We will find your correct bite and fit your denture with high impact Acrylic, giving you a highly esthetic look.

Placement of final Denture

Your Fixed Hybrid Denture will be firmly secured to your implants and you will be ready to enjoy the small pleasures of life that you had been missing out on!

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