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All on 4 What is it?

All on 4 What is it?

Maybe you have doubts before getting this treatment or you want to know what it is all on 4 so we leave you 5 things about all on 4 today. All on 4 is a dental treatment which is designed for those who require a total reconstruction of either the lower or upper part of the denture, as it is said to be a reconstruction in which it has an intervention and in that same placed the implants accompanied by a dental prosthesis can clarify that depends the patient may or may not carry out the same day the implantation of dental prosthesis. Here are 5 things about the All on 4: 1. Have a smile in less time. As it was usually said with us an appointment is made for evaluation and check in the second appointment would be to continue with the process where a small intervention will be done and the implants and the prosthesis will be placed (temporary) after the healing of the gums will be done again...

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