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Maybe you have been told that you cannot place implants due to low bone levels, to trauma or from years of being endentulous.
Don’t rule out the option of placing implants without checking the alternatives.

What are Zygomatic Implants?

In extreme cases where there is little to no bone on the upper jaw to support conventional implants (due to trauma, years of being edentulous, etc.), Zygomatic Implants could be the ideal solution for a permanent restoration.

Zygomatic Implants those are much longer in length than conventional implants (40mm – 50mm), and are placed in the dense Zygoma bone or otherwise known as the cheekbone. The advantage of using Zygomatic Implants is that it eliminates the need for procedures like ridge augmentation (Bone Grafting) and/or Sinus Lifting, which would require more surgery and longer healing periods before the placement of the final restoration.

These kinds of implants are placed by a Maxillofacial surgeon, not just any oral surgeon can perform this kind of surgery. Zygomatic surgeries are more invasive than conventional implants and require a inpatient stay in a local hospital under IV Sedation.

Due to the quality and density of the Zygoma bone, there is more chance of the patient leaving with a fixed denture, each case has to be evaluated to determine if they will be a candidate for immediate load.

Price Comparison

Our Clinic Costa Rica USA Canada
For implant body alone For implant body alone For implant body alone For implant body alone
$2,000 USD
$2,500 USD
$6,000 USD
$5,800 USD
Zygomatic Implants
Bicon Short Dental Implants

Maybe you have been told that you are in need of Sinus Lifting and/or Bone Grafting before an Implant can be placed in your jaw?

If this is your case, then it is possible that you can benefit from having Short Implants placed. Short implants come from a company called Bicon, which have perfected the short implant system. We can use implants of as short as 5.0 mm.

This is beneficial to any patient as we are able to create restorations with minimal bone levels. Allowing the surgeon to avoid surgeries such as Sinus Lifting and bone grafting in some cases.

Short Implants

If you have been told that you have low bone levels and that conventional implants cannot be placed without the need of procedures such as sinus lifting or bone grafting, then short implants may be the option for you.

We use the Bicon system of short implants in order to take advantage of minimal bone levels and avoid vital structures such as the sinus or mental foramen, which usually require multiple visit.

By using shorter implants in low bone areas we can avoid the need of sinus lifting or bone grafting in cases where patients do not have the time or resources to make 2-3 trips to Cancun to finish the treatment. The bicon system has a unique set of threads that allows maximal distribution of the biting forces throughout the implant. The bicon implants come in shorts diameters of 5-8mm, whereas, normal implant diameter is around 10-12mm.

Price Comparison

Our Clinic Costa Rica USA Canada
For implant body alone For implant body alone For implant body alone For implant body alone
$1,200 USD
$1,200 USD
$2,488 USD
$2,400 USD

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