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Surgical Questions

The average length of stay in Cancun is between 7 and 14 days. If your procedure doesn’t involve multiple extractions or Bone Grafting then your stay will be shorter than those that do require these procedures to allow for adequate recovery time. The more time we have you in Cancun the better care we can give.

Our dentists recommend that any extractions are performed by us in our state-of-the-art clinic. The success of an All of 4 procedure depends on preserving the maximum amount of bone in the jaw, something that can be compromised during extractions that are not undertaken carefully. As part of our commitment to patient care we would always prefer to provide all procedures so that we can assure the highest quality results for you. If you were to get the extractions done back home please make sure they do Bone Grafting, if you have a infection this is advisable you get removed before coming to Cancun if possible. Infection eats away at your bone, we highly recommend getting this removed prior to coming.

Yes, and you should stop smoking before you come to Mexico to attend for your procedure. As well as the well-known risks to your general health, smoking is associated with a wide variety of oral health problems including tooth loss, bone loss, periodontal disease, reduced oral blood flow and implant failures. Because of the poor outcomes associated with smoking and implant procedures we won’t be able to treat you at our clinic in Cancun until you have signed a waiver stating that you are a non-smoker. We realize that for many people this can be a difficult addiction to break and we will support you with this including providing stop smoking advice and even prescription medication to help you if required.

Not necessarily. In order for us to be able to perform an All on 4 you will need an A1C level below 8.0. Please ask for a test through your regular physician or contact us for more information. Please keep in mind that implants on diabetic patients have a higher risk of failing.

In most cases you will still be a good candidate for dental implants, however we assess each patient on a case-by-case basis. Please let us know if you are taking bisphosphonates and we will be able to advise you more specifically.

All on 4 procedure is a patent procedure by Nobel Biocare, one of the best and most renown brands in the world. Therefor we use Nobel Biocare implants for the All on 4 procedure.

Investing in technology is something most clinics don’t do, But we do!. Thanks to our 3D CBCT X-Ray machine, Intraoral Digital Scanner and our 3D printer we are able to manufacture high quality Surgical Guides with Dental Implants. This is the best and latest technology for dental implants. Special thank to Blue Sky Bio for there Great Software.

Traditional implant technology meant that many people have been told they are not a suitable candidate. With our new All on 4 procedure we find that we are now able to offer implants to almost 90% of patients who had previously been told they were not a viable candidate. Our All on 4 system uses the front area of the jaw which actually contains the densest bone. The unique way that the implants are angled means a much less invasive procedure with no need to enter the sinus cavity. If you have been told in the past that traditional implants aren’t available to you contact us today for the very latest advice and information.

We do, but at our Cancun clinic we use Conscious Sedation. Our Anesthesiologist provide a perfect balance of sedative and pain blocking medication to keep you awake and responsive, yet deeply relaxed and totally pain-free. This type of skilled sedation is hugely beneficial to you as it has remarkably short recovery time and you will be able to carry on with your day soon after the procedure.

The All on 4 implant procedure has a higher success rate than other implant procedures, thanks to the unique process used. Our top quality dentists will ensure you have a thorough after-care advice program to help you to keep your new implants in perfect condition and to care for the implantation sites while final healing is occurring. They will also prescribe medication including antibiotics to support your healing. If you follow the after-care advice then risks of complications like infection is minimal.

The biggest risk comes from a poorly performed procedure itself or patient negligence. At our clinic in Cancun we see several patients each month who have suffered due to visiting an inexperienced or unqualified dentist with too little practical experience of modern implant techniques. The most important advice is to make sure that the clinic and dentist you choose to perform your procedure is modern and well-equipped, with fully accredited personnel, and most importantly a long track record of successful implant procedures and patient testimonials.

Financial Questions

We Accept Visa, Mastercard, Cash, American Express. We Do Not Accept Check or Discover Card. For Bank Transfer please contact one of our Patient Coordinators for details, please do the Bank Transfer Prior To Coming.

All Payments are to be made at the Payments Counter, please do not pay any third parties or anyone else. To Schedule your surgery we need at least 50% of the cost covered, the remaining balance can be paid of prior to your final appointment or two prior to your departure.

Unfortunately Care Credit does not have providers outside the U.S.A., therefor no clinic in Mexico is able to accept it.

We currently do not offer any payment plans, we do work with a Pay as you go Concept where you only pay what is done, you don’t have to pay upfront for future procedures.

Possibly, depending on your circumstance. For many people, dental expenses in excess of 10% of your gross annual income can be deducted, but there are different rules depending on your age and family circumstances. Please contact your financial adviser or the IRS for full details of how much you may be able to deduct in your own circumstances. We have many patients that haven’t had any problems doing so.

Yes, you can. Withdrawals from your HSA are tax-free if used to pay for qualifying dental procedures as listed in the Internal Revenue Tax Code. The IRS does change its codes from time-to-time, so you should always consult your financial adviser before committing, however at time of writing, the IRS listed “Artificial Teeth” as an eligible medical expense for the purposes of your HSA.

Cancun is a very safe location in Mexico, we provide transportation from the airport and hotel. We recommend to always carry it on you, you may also leave the cash deposited at the clinic if it makes you feel safer, we will write you a Slip for when you want it returned.

Payment is due two days prior to your departures or last appointment and at least 50% before the surgery is Schedueled.

All on 4 Aftercare Questions

Our mission is to make your dental vacation as easiest as possible. We provide all transportation back and forth from the clinic. Our staff will take you back, if you are having sedation we highly recommend you come with someone. If not we can have a Nurse accompany you back to your hotel for the night.

The foods you can eat is: juice, water, tea, cooked cereals, such as oatmeal or cream of wheat, yogurt, scrambled eggs, apple sauce. Home cooked broth, bouillon, soups, round beef, baked or broiled fish, broiled or stewed chicken (finely chopped), macaroni and cheese, soft bread, baked or mashed potatoes, Jell-O, puddings, pound cake, milkshakes, ice cream. You must eat foods at room temperature you don’t must eat anything extremely hot or cold.

Patient Commonly complain about Food getting stuck under their All on 4 Bridge, this is something we can avoid, we try to do hygienic design for food to accumulate less and be easier to clean. We highly recommend you get Super Floss and a water pick for good maintenance.

We usually have a stock of common medications at our clinic we will provide these free of cost, if we don’t have a specific medicine one of our driver will take you or go get it on your behalf.

We recommend patients get their restoration cleaned every year by a professional, this is very important to do as it is part of the warranty of your treatment.

Yes, we usually carry a stock of water picks at our clinic that we give to all our All on 4 Patients.

Scheduling Questions

The All on 4 treatment requires two, in special cases three, trips down to our clinic. The standard two phase treatment plan consists of a Surgical Phase and a Restorative Phase. These two phases are separated by a five-month to six-month healing period. If a patient suffers from an extreme case of bone-loss then a third phase, which precedes the Surgical Phase, is required to place bone grafts or perform sinus lift. A minimum of four months is required to allow the bone grafting materials to fully integrate with the surrounding natural bone before the Surgical Phase can begin.

We can see you as soon as you can get down here albeit a day or a month. The amount of time in advance to plan your trip is not as important as the amount of time you stay to properly complete your treatment plan. Every case is different however one to two weeks is required per phase of the treatment. The more time you can give us allows us an extended amount of time to follow up on your treatment and insure its success.

Scheduling an appointment is easy. Simply book your flight and make a hotel reservation and forward the information to your dental coordinator. If you do not have a dental coordinator you can reach us at 1 888 231 8041 and one of our representatives can take the information from you over the phone and schedule your appointment.

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