Review – John Cox


John Cox

Alaska, USA

All on 4 Full Mexico – Mouth Fixed Hybrid Dentures

  Definitely worth it and I would recommend it to anybody.  

John had teeth problems caused by Cancer. John in 2 trips to Cancun finish his treatment, which required 8 Implants on the upper maxillary, and 6 implants on the lower mandible. John arrived with an ill-fitting denture, failed implants, and moderate bone loss. Our specialists took on this challenge and helped change his life. John went through an Osseo integration period of 6 months while his implants healed. During this time he wore a temporary healing denture made of acrylic. On the restorative phase John returned to have the Fixed Hybrid Dentures placed on his upper and lower arches. He spent 10 days with our specialists and technicians worked hard to finish his case, which was not easy. The end result was a beautiful set of new teeth and a happy patient, John was able to save a third of what should it cost in back home. And in his words “received 200% better work” compared to in his hometown.

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